Dive Deep into Automotive Infotainment

If you reach the limits of our online database screens or maybe not even use it at all, we can offer you numerous consulting services. From the normal comparison research to market analyses, system evaluations and entire user studies.

Below you will find a small selection of possibilities. Simply contact us to discuss your specific needs and see how our infotainment specialists may be able to help you.

Comparative Research

Find out how good your infotainment is
If you want to compare one of your infotainment systems or only a specific feature with one or more competitive vehicles, we are happy to do the work for you and prepare the results in your corporate design so that you can introduce them directly to your colleagues or supervisors.

Depending on your needs, we will create videos, pictorial comparisons, analyses, detailed evaluations or even recommendations based on your questions.

Press Research

Read what your customers think
When monitoring the latest infotainment systems in the market, it is not only relevant to know what the systems are capable of and what new features they contain, but also how the users like them. The longer a product has been on the market, the more press reviews, articles and studies exist and the harder it is to keep track or get an overview at all.

On your behalf, we are happy to do in-depth press research and evaluate the gathered material according to your needs to not only informe you about the latest infotainment systems, but also about the opinions of users.

Market Research

Get to know the latest trends
In addition to concrete infotainment comparisons in order to evaluate different systems, we also offer general market research. This way, you can get an overview of general topics and, for example, learn which manufacturers offer a rear seat entertainment or how the size of the displays in the different vehicle classes has developed in the recent past.

System Evaluation

Get a new impulse from outside
If you and your team have reached a certain stage of development for a new product, you can have it evaluated by our infotainment experts. We either offer a remote evaluation done at our infotainment labs or a workshop carried out by our infotainment experts to discuss your system and every single function.

Such discussions, as well as the outside view often allow a completely new view of one’s own product, which generally helps a development team significantly in case it gets stuck with a problem or needs new creative input.

User Studies

Find out how your system is being used
Depending on your needs, we not only offer input and experience from infotainment specialists, but also conduct user studies with representative groups of probands.

For example, we leave a relevant vehicle to various probands for several days so that each one can interact naturally with the vehicle’s infotainment while privately using it. Meanwhile, we collect user data and thereby get a detailed insight into the user behaviour in a real-life situation. With this material, you can draw very concrete conclusions about how your system is being used and as a result improve it to further increase the benefit for your customers.