Shaping the Future of User Interaction

Have you ever taken pictures and videos of the infotainment systems in rental cars? Did you store them on your computer afterwards and never found them when you needed to? Or did you spend hours browsing the internet for suitable analyzes of competitive vehicles?

Your time is too precious to waste it on time-consuming infotainment research. Let screens do the work for you and scroll down to see how it works…

Before we start, imagine the following:
This is you and your competitor in your current car release

There are differences between your operating concepts, features and design, yet they are quite similar, which is why you compete.
screens is an online platform that allows you to jump into a vehicle while sitting behind your desk and analyze its digital user interface to the deepest level. Let’s see how screens works and how it can help you to increase the gap between you and your competitor.


Select a vehicle
Every three weeks we add a new car to the platform providing comprehensive infotainment analyzes and evaluations combined with hundreds of high-quality video sequences. To this end, we constantly track more than 250 annual new releases of almost 40 car manufacturers worldwide and choose the top 18 of the most exciting infotainment systems.

No matter which system you may be developing, you should not miss out on any of the vehicles in screens. And you don’t, because while your competitor is still on the phone in the waiting loop of the car rental, you select a vehicle from the list and click on it.


Explore a car’s infotainment right from your desk
Each button you see on the car’s screen on the left side you can click in the tree on the right side to start the corresponding video sequence and watch a test driver actually using the interface. Depending on where your focus is, you can select different video streams and switch between, for example, instrument cluster or head-up display or the corresponding controls. Everything in perfect sync and with the original car sounds.

If you are not familiar with the car’s infotainment system and you do not know the click path to your desired use case, you can simply use the search function and you will find what you are looking for even faster than if you were sitting in the actual car. All combined with comprehensive analyzes and evaluations for each feature.

Your competitor has meanwhile managed to make an appointment for the vehicle handover with the car rental company. And he filled out the clearance form to leave the factory grounds with an SLR camera because he wants to take some photos during his test drive.


Make yourself familiar with the HMI structure
In the HMI sitemap you can explore the entire HMI structure as it is originally created in the car. Find hundreds of entries, all structured by main features as phone, radio or navigation following an hierarchical order according to the click patterns in the car’s actual HMI.

A click on an entry will directly bring you to the corresponding video sequence from where you can continue to move through the car’s user interface video by video and read the evaluations from our infotainment experts.

While you are learning more about the feature you want to analyze, your competitor has finally arranged a representative for the meeting he should attend when the car is there. Later, he will coordinate with some colleagues from another department who also want to test drive the car that day. No doubt he’ll be in this car soon.

That’s you and your competitor with your next car release in 3 years from now

Imagine you had a screens license in those 3 years, and you and all your colleagues had access to more than 50 of the best infotainment systems in the world. You could thoroughly analyze all of these systems to underpin your development decisions. Your creativity has been fueled and you knew about the latest innovations all the time. It‘s easy to tell who is more likely to have the better product now.


Read about the benefits our customers have by using screens

Prepare a test drive most effectively

With screens you can make yourself familiar with a new car’s infotainment before taking an actual test drive. This way, the rare and precious time in the vehicle can be used most efficiently.

Get an overview of the HMI's structure

Each car HMI has hundreds of entries, sometimes spread out up to ten levels. screens provides you with the entire menu structure in a vast hierarchical tree representing the original structure.

Do not waste time with documentation

Moreover, you do not need to take any pictures or videos while test driving a new car which means you can fully concentrate on the look and feel of the new car’s user interface, instead.

Keep up to date with the latest trends

Closely follow the latest trends and solutions from car manufacturers and access past and current vehicles at any time and based on a constantly growing database.

Get answers quicker than in the actual car

In case of a specific question on a certain user interaction, screens will provide you with the according video sequence on the interaction much faster than by looking for it in an actual car.

Read extensive evaluations

Benefit from the results of days of intense interaction our analysis-team has had with each car and read the evaluation of every feature to find out about its strengths and weaknesses.

new vehicles per year

standard use cases per car

video scenes per screen

Keep up with the world’s top car HMIs.
Screen by screen.