Automotive Infotainment Analysis

Get insights into the world's

top infotainment systems

Screen by Screen

Get insights into the world's

top infotainment systems

Screen by Screen

The Art of Creating the Extraordinary

Imagine two chefs trying to create a new fantastic dish the world has never seen before. One of them travels around the world, trying everything from simple street food to gourmet restaurants, fuelling his creativity with every bite. The other one looks at competing restaurants in his area, tries their dishes and visits three of the best restaurants in the world to collect ideas from their menus. Who is more likely to create something delicious and new the world has never tasted before?

The worst mistake one can make is to base ones decisions on false ideals. For that reason we belive, that the first chef will win the race, even though this means taking the hard road. We want you to be able to follow this path without actually having to do it by yourself. You want to know how that works? Scroll down to learn more about what we do.



Enter a car right from your desk

Imagine being able to enter a vehicle while sitting behind your desk, clicking through the infotainment in the most convenient way while reading profound evaluations resulting from days of intense user interaction. Our benchmarking platform screens allows for just that.


Work with a whole Team of Infotainment Specialists

screens is not just a piece of software, like a book is not just paper. It rather gives you access to the work results of a large team of specialists who are passionate about infotainment systems and deal with the most diverse vehicles daily.

Bring in Your Needs and Your Ideas

Although screens is used by many different customers, we take every single customer request regarding concrete use cases into account and include them in our database on every upcoming vehicle.



By passionate experts
When developing future user interfaces, you may have specific questions about challenging infotainment topics. On your behalf we undertake thorough research using technical literature, online sources, our own database and information that we receive at trade fairs.

Extensive Research

In addition to the conventional infotainment-research mentioned above, we can provide you with more extensive benchmarking research. Therefore, we can get any vehicle with European registration on short notice and make profound analyses, comparisons and evaluations on very specific infotainment topics for you.

User Studies

Depending on your needs, we can not only provide you with infotainment specialists, but also perform user studies with representative groups of probands who will conduct test drives. Either to gather data about their natural user behaviour or analyse results from performing certain use cases.



Get a second opinion

Developing a new infotainment system is challenging in many ways, and ultimately means predicting the future of a rapidly changing digital world. Dealing with the most diverse vehicles daily, our benchmarking experts keep track of everything related to automotive infotainment systems to help you create the future.

On-Site Consulting

In addition to consulting on individual issues, our experts will also be happy to assist you directly at your site over a longer period of time and support you in all questions of infotainment benchmarking and analysis to get to know what’s “en vouge” on current infotainment systems.

Infotainment Reviews

If you and your team have reached a certain stage of development for a new product, you can have it evaluated in a workshop by our infotainment experts and discuss it with them. Through this, new approaches emerge, and your product will appear to you in a completely new light afterwards.